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Our Fields

Public Services

Public services :
Roads , highways , design , and survey service.
Renovating cities and transportation lines.
Evaluation of projects and financial advice services.
Writing and studying projects and business services.
Post and transferring services.
Technology and IT services.
Financial and bank services.
Providing school supplies services.
Providing foods and goods for public spaces and government departments services.
Oil and gas service.
Providing suitable and trained employees for projects, government departments, and industrial centers services.
Agricultural services

Medica Collaborations

Medical collaborations:
Medical collaboration between doctors, clinical, and hospitals services.
Collaboration and patient online reservations for doctor appointments services.
Providing exclusive medical system services.
Providing hospitals food and supplies services.
Patient transmission and providing all necessities services.
Seminars and medical congresses services.
Advertising and medical advices services.

Tourism Services

Tourism :

Planning and performing local and regional tourism groups services.

Providing plane ticket services locally and globally.

Providing land buying services locally and globally.

Providing investment services.

Providing bank accounts and credit cards services.

Providing accommodation, passport, and national ID services.

Providing scholarships and study courses.